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Please let me introduce myself. My parents and grandparents were Seventh-Day Adventists. I attended the Seventh-day Adventist Church School the first 10 years of my school life. I then went on to Cedar Lake Academy and graduated in 1975. My professional training was gained from Andrews University and resulted in me receiving a Bachelor of Engineering Technology degree with a concentration in Industrial Electronics. While at Andrews, I meet Laura and we were married in 1984. We have 3 daughters. I am currently the Chief Engineer for Flex-Cable.

Growing up I can remember my Grandpa had a 5-year plan; he was convinced that Jesus would return in 5 years. I did not think that I would complete grade school, but then went to onto Cedar Lake Academy. I felt that Jesus would come before I graduated. Next, I found myself at Andrews University. While in college, I did just enough to get by. I thought, “why work hard when Jesus is coming so soon?” This lead to a life of complacency and barely getting by. I became a great pew warmer! Just waiting for His return.

The inspiration for producing a coloring book came from our former pastor's sermon that was based on Matthew 24:37-39. His sermon got me to thinking that maybe there is something that I could create as a tool for outreach that would also assist in family spiritual growth. Since I do not have talents to draw as an artist and English was not a strong subject for me, what could I do?  As an engineer, I design and then give the plans to others that have the talents to manage the project. So I found people with these abilities and enlisted them to help, thus, a coloring book. I also produced a CD to go along with the coloring book. Much of my free time was spent giving away the coloring book.  

Since my main job as an engineer is to create and the coloring book had such positive results, this inspiration drove me to make a new project which was a music CD with narration. The theme being; The Three Angel’s Messages. This is a message for our time. We are commissioned to live it and share it. So I thought a CD would be a nice way to share the message since music is pleasing to listen to. I chose songs that had this message in the words. The narration presents information on the Three Angel’s Message and introduces the next song that fortifies the message. Church members helped in the project by narrating, singing and creating the graphics.

As Halloween approached, I got the idea to make a coloring book to hand out at the door instead of candy. Remembering that the reformer Martin Luther nailed up the 95 thesis on the church door on October 31st, our church once had a Martin Luther celebration at our local church school to teach and emphasize the reformation instead of focusing on Halloween. In only 3 weeks, with the help of others, I produced another coloring book.

Inspired by the quick progress on the coloring book I thought that I could do another coloring book for Thanksgiving. Reflecting on the cornucopia and the produce it holds, I thought of the fruit of the Spirit. However, the project was beyond what was possible in the time that I had. Therefore, I decided to take my time and produce a book containing a CD.

This is my way of sharing the message with those who live in my area. I produce the books and CD's in my home and give them away.

It was suggested to me that I should include them on a web site. So I recruited a student from Great Lakes Adventist Academy to build a website and now these items are available as a free download.

Since I am a amateur at this, your input is valuable. So far reception has been so positive that I am even now considering planning for another theme this coming year. For this reason, I would really appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Proclaiming His Word. 

About Me:

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